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We Cover The Most Popular Social Media Channels


Facebook is probably the most popular social media site with over 2 billion monthly users. You certainly don’t want to miss this one!


Twitter is still quite popular with over 328 million monthly tweeters. We format your content into short snippits and images for this channel.


Pinterest is another popular location for sharing images. Each of your posts here will be image based on image searches.


Instagram is very popular for the younger generation. With over 700 Million users (400 million daily) this is a widely used social media channel.


LinkedIn is the largest business and professional network on the planet. Engaging on this platform is ideal to establish your authority and professional standing in your community.

Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile (previously Google My Business) Is still a significant platform to attract and engage potential customers. These listings rank extremely well on the Internet and can be a significant source of new traffic. Your presence here is very important.


Tumblr has attracted 29.2 million unique visitors. Tumblr’s audience is among the youngest with 45% being under 35 years old. This provides a unique platform to attract a younger generation to your company to build loyalty to you early in their lives.


Whether it is your own WordPress website, or a separate blog on the cloud, we have you covered. It is claimed that WordPress powers 43% of the entire Internet. This is where we publish articles and larger posts that are written for your company.


Blogger is a free blogging platform that is simple to use. Blogger is owned by Google and is quite an authoritative blogging platform. Many SEO Companies use Blogger to post content and is a wonderful place to post articles and longer post content.

Dedicated Social Media experts

We have young professionals who live and breathe social media. They are standing by to breathe life into your social marketing efforts.

Social Media is the foundation of any succesful marketing campaign

Social media is how you are introduced to your audience when they want to learn more about you and your business.  If they find your social media account and see that it’s been 6 months since you have posted last, they will wonder if you are still in business.  This is not what you want people to think when they and you are just getting acquainted!   We’re here to help you keep your social media fresh and posting often so this never crosses their minds.  Instead, they see relevant interesting content about your company, but more so, they see topics that benefit them.  They learn that you understand them and this increases the chances that they become your customers.  A good social media presence can be like ripples on a pond.  Good posts can be shared by people who like them, and along with hashtags make their way in front of potential customers who may have never looked for you.

Post often

Keep your content fresh

Publish to mutiple channels

Engage with your audience

Give Your Audience What They Want and Need



  • Social Media Makeover (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Google My Business, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Posting Every Other Business Day
  • Happy Monday / Friday Each Week
  • 1-2 Monthly Promo Campaigns
  • Customer Approves The Content
  • Basic Reporting


  • Everything in Basic PRO Plus...
  • Posting Every Day (including weekends)
  • Up To 5 Monthly Promo Campaigns
  • 1 Strategic Social Marketing Plan
  • Facebook Algorithm Trigger
  • Customer Can Add Content
  • Advanced Customer Portal


  • Everything in Basic Pro & Standard Pro Plus...
  • Posting Twice Daily (including weekends)
  • Up To 10 Monthly Promo Campaigns
  • 2 Blog Articles Posted Monthly to a Personal Website, Blogger,, or Tumblr etc.
  • Dedicated Project Manager

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Your content writers are pretty amazing!  I don’t know where they come up with this stuff, but I’m LOVING it!  Keep up the good work!
Ellen H.
You guys make it easy on me!  Social media was fun for me at first, then I found myself falling further and further behind.  Now everything is right back on track and I never worry about this anymore!  Whew .. Thanks!

Ron R.

I like the way you post our content during the peak times when it’s most effective.  Our engagement has gone up over 50% since you started.  This is excellent!

Patty P.


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